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932   Kinda Kitschy Bubble Gum Prize Earrings
934   Kinda Kitschy Bubble Gum Prize Pendants
1300   Recycled Bombshell Dove Necklace
1303   Recycled Bombshell Earrings
930   Recycled Bubble Gum Prize Bracelet
904S   Recycled Building Block Square Earrings
635   Recycled Button Collage Necklaces
617   Recycled Button Dangle Bracelets
619   Recycled Button Dangle Earrings
629   Recycled Button Floral Stems
622   Recycled Button Jacket Brooch
627   Recycled Button Key Chain
625   Recycled Button Magnets
605   Recycled Button Pendants
600   Recycled Button Rings
602   Recycled Button Rings - 72 Ring Pre Pack $144
615   Recycled Button Stud Earrings
623   Recycled Button Thumbtacks
603   Recycled Button Watch
1200   Recycled Gift Card Earrings
1202   Recycled Gift Card Pendants
1503   Recycled Hardware Bracelet
1510   Recycled Hardware Earrings
1508   Recycled Hardware Pendants
1500   Recycled Hardware Ring
1506   Recycled Hardware Watch
504   Recycled Magazine Eyeglass Holder
804   Recycled Newspaper Bracelet
WS116   Recycled Packaging Journals
700   Recycled Pop Tab Bracelets
714   Recycled Pop Tab Necklace
900   Recycled Puzzle Earrings
902   Recycled Puzzle Necklace
1334   Recycled Shotgun Shell Ring
100   Recycled Soda Can 2" Bracelets
707   Recycled Soda Tab Earrings
AP101   Recycled Sweater Scrappy Scarves
1007   Recycled T Shirt Wrist Loops - Set of 2
1416   Recycled Telephone Wire Bead Bracelet
1418   Recycled Telephone Wire Bead Necklace
1405   Recycled Telephone Wire Earrings
1407   Recycled Telephone Wire Pendant
1409   Recycled Telephone Wire Rings
1420   Recycled Telephone Wire Rolled Bead Earrings
906   Recycled Toy Block Bracelet
913   Recycled Toy Block Chain Bracelet
911   Recycled Toy Block Key Chains
904L   Recycled Toy Block Long Earrings
908   Recycled Toy Block Necklace
909   Recycled Toy Block Pendant
920   Repurposed Marble Pendants
1602   War & Peace Bracelet
1604   War & Peace Earrings
1606   War & Peace Key Chain
1600   War & Peace Pendants
WP106   War and Peace Golden Silver Bracelet

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