Welcome to ReFashioned by Hand!

ReFashioned by Hand is a different type of a wholesale gift supplier… everything we offer is made from something that was destined for the garbage or landfill. From discarded hardware nuts and bolts to spent bullet casings… it was hasta la vista, adios and ... goodbye!

Nope… nothing here is mass-produced and every product has its own story!

Who creates our products?

Our commitment is to create the unusual while leaving the smallest environmental footprint possible. We make all of these wacky pieces ourselves with the help of some local moms looking to improve their economic reality.

We are also on the lookout to help support other local individuals and organizations who share the same commitment we do. Drop us line if you would like to join our growing crazy adventures!

Our hope is...

That you’ll be amazed at the ingenuity and creativity that goes into the products we offer.

Take your time... browse through the different categories and products! See if you can guess what they are made from?

Not only is it fun... but you are certain to find a bunch of totally original and environmentally fabulous products to carry in your store!