It’s nice to meet you, allow us to introduce ourselves!

We are a couple of whacky moms, Vickie & Meredith, who live in rural PEI. We both moved to this amazing island in 2015 and met years later even though we live 10 minutes from each other.

Our lives were and are quite parallel. Both being married with daughters, we wanted to provide a safe and free environment for them grow up in. What could be better than long unpopulated beaches, oodles of space to have fun, run, explore and develop… nothing according to them!

With all the crazy changes in our world and environment today, we wanted to contribute in a fun and impactful way. Having a positive impact on our impressionable young ladies was key…

Why not jewelry, accessories and home décor made out of trash? Yep, you read that right, TRASH!

Let’s face it, we live in a world that has been so consumable and dispensable… though change is starting to happen, it’s not drastic enough!

While we do our best to live “clean” lifestyles this is our fun contribution to upcycling.

We’ll be starting to support local artisans who have taken initiative to reuse discarded items. Keep an eye out for these featured and innovative products in the near future!

We hope you enjoy our Wacky and Wonderous “stuff”!