Our Story

ReFashioned is a truly different type of wholesale supplier.

You won’t find the same old stuff you see at all of the trade shows out there... Here we celebrate ingenuity… ingenuity in design and ingenuity in using unwanted articles.

The artists and companies that create our hand made products are small businesses. Small businesses that employ people both here in North America and overseas. Be it a coop in Tsunami-affected areas of Indonesia, a women’s Hope Center in Vietnam or a Mom in Missouri – each and every item we sell provides them with economic benefits and improves their livelihoods.

No big corporations. No machine made junk. No cookie cutter identical items.

What’s more, each and every one of our suppliers is committed to keeping our world a little bit healthier… keeping trash out of the landfill… re-using the unwanted. You’ll be amazed at the uniqueness of each item… as well as the workmanship and devotion to recycling.

Recycled… Renewed… Remade… great products to offer your clients... !